Wolf Population in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic wolves were extirpated during nineteenth century. Last wolf in the Sumava, mountains which we can find in the West of the Czech republic, was shot in 1874. In the Beskydy Mountains in the eastern part of the Czech Republic last wolf was shot in 1914. But in Slovakia wolves survived. Today about 400 wolves live in Slovakia and after 80 years of absence, in 1994 wolves started to migrate from Slovakia to the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic.

Now, in the year 2013, the number of wolves who live in the Beskydy Mountains is still estimated only from three to five roaming wolves. There is no permanent wolf pack living in the Beskydy Mountains.

Canis lupus lupus


Some rare observations of wolves also come from the Jeseniky Mountains and the Giant Mountains (Krkonoše) situated on the north border of the Czech Republic and from the western part of our country - from the Sumava Mountains. It´s believed that some lone wolves come to the Jeseniky Mountains from Poland. In recent years, wolves have begun to penetrate into the northern territories of Bohemia including the Giant Mountains. They come from the eastern part of Germany (Saxony, Brandenburg) where nowadays more than one hundred wolves live.

Our wolf population is highly dependent on number of wolves living in Slovakia. Shooting of Slovakian wolves has an influence on migration of wolves from Slovakia to the Czech Republic and Hungary. In the Czech Republic and Hungary the wolf is strictly protected. Therefore in 2002 the Government of the Slovak Republic was pushed by international organizations and groups to establish zones along the borders with the Czech Republic and Hungary where the wolf is fully protected.


Large carnivores counts in the Beskydy Mountains and surrounding areas
  • 2008 - 13 lynxes, 7 wolves, 3 bears
  • 2009 - 16 lynxes, 8 wolves, 3 bears
  • 2010 - 13 lynxes, 5 wolves, 2 bears
  • 2011 - 10 lynxes, 5 wolves, 1 bear
  • 2012 - 10 lynxes, 5 wolves, 0 bears
  • 2013 - 10 lynxes, 3 wolves, 0 bears
  • 2014 - 10 lynxes, 3 wolves, 0 bears
  • 2015 - 9 lynxes, 3 wolves, 0 bears
  • 2016 - 15 lynxes, 3 wolves, 1 bear