Wolves of Montenegro

Republic of Montenegro

Montenegro is a small but very beautiful country which we can find on the northeastern shore of Adriatic Sea. Once it was a part of former Yugoslavia. Montenegro´s landscape is very diverse, it consists of high mountains, virgin forests, deep valleys and rocky seashore with some beautiful sand beaches.


Virgin Forest in NP Biogradska gora  The highest peak of Durmitor – Bobotov Kuk 2523 m (in the center of photo), Montenegro  Giant Elm trees in the heart of virgin forest Biogradska gora


Montenegro is a country full of ancient towns as Cotor, Budva, Cetinje. Above the Bay of Kotor (famous Boka Kotorska) an abrupt massif of the Lovcen Mountains rises directly from the Adriatic Sea. On the vast mountain pastures herds of sheep, cows, goats and horses graze from spring to fall. Montenegrins live mainly on pastoralism. During summer season many of them sojourn in small wooden sheds called katun. They very often offer some milk and cheese to hikers.

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