National Wolf Awareness Week 2015

Vlk Hudsonův

During the weekend 10th - 11th October 2015 you could visit our Wolf stand, opened in the occasion of the National Wolf Awareness Week 2015 in the Olomouc Zoo. Despite the colder weather many visitors did so and especially those younger then enthusiastically admired exposed skulls, casts of footprints, feathers and pictures of wolves.

Total amount of the donations to the breeding of Hudson Bay wolves in the Olomouc Zoo, collected within these two days, is 653 CZK. Many thanks to all donors on behalf of wolves and Olomouc Zoo.

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National Shark Awareness Week 2015

Recent hot, summer-like days were just made for our third year of the National Shark Awareness Week 2015. You could, together with us, at least in your imagination travel to the beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea as well as for a moment find yourself in the ancient Tertiary sea observing the Megalodon sharks. We believe that those of you who have stopped at our educational stand in the Olomouc Zoo during weekend 6th to 7th June found our collection of exhibits interesting and that you took the findings why it's important to preserve marine ecosystem.

The visitors donated for marine ecosystems support 412 CZK in total. Entire amount will be sent to the project "Dive Against Debris" conducted by the Project AWARE organization. Debris in our oceans is a very serious issue and it kill many marine animals including sea turtles, dolphins and seals.

Many thanks to all donors for their financial support and also many thanks to Olomouc Zoo for organizational support!

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National Wolf Awareness Week 2014

Vlk Hudsonův

Thanks to all visitors who had visited our stand at the arbor in Olomouc Zoo on 11 and 12 October 2014. Holding this event, we all took part at the National Wolf Awareness Week 2014 which aims to raise public awareness of the irreplaceable role of large carnivores in the nature. A truly summer weather and the rich exhibition brought to the stand literally crowds of curious visitors.

The contributions from visitors for the Hudson bay wolves has brought 300 CZK. The amount would be even higher, but unfortunately our money box was stolen during our presentation. Despite this incident we send thanks to all the donors on behalf of the wolves and we promise that next time the money box will be more secured.

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National Shark Awareness Week 2014

During the weekend 7th to 8th June 2014 we have organized the second year of the National Shark Awareness Week, in collaboration with the global organization World Oceans Day. National Shark Awarenes Week 2014 was from attendance point of view fully comparable with the previous one. The FOREST was the only organization in the Czech Republic that officially took part in the celebrations of Word Oceans Day. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Olomouc Zoo management for providing place for the event and to the visitors of our stand for their interest in marine life and financial gifts. Unceasing and sometimes exhausting interest of You, visitors of Olomouc Zoo, make us very pleased and fills us with optimism.

The total amount of financial gifts is 364 CZK. This money will be transfered to the Red Sea Sharks organization which directly participate on conservation of marine ecosystems.


World Oceans Day logo

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National Wolf Awareness Week 2013

Vlk Hudsonův

This year we took a part in the National Wolf Awareness Week 2013 from 5th to 6th October 2013. In the U.S. the NWAW 2013 is from 14th-20th October, but from internal reasons we have organized the event one week earlier. Which finally turned out to be a good decision, because there was also another event within the Zoo Olomouc (dedicated to World Animal Day 2013) organized simultaneously with our own event. The combination of this fact, nice weather and rich exhibition at our stand made it very attactive for large number of the visitors.


The visitors donated us totally 259 CZK. This amount will be transferred to ZOO's account as a sponsorship for breeding Hudson bay wolves. Big thanks to all donators!

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National Shark Awareness Week 2013

In occassion of World Oceans Day we have organized an educational event National Shark Awareness Week 2013 in the Zoo Olomouc. Unlike last days, the weather was beatiful and many visitors have stopped for a moment in our stand. We have to admit that sometimes it was quite difficullt to pay same level of attention to all visitors.

Totally 20 participants took a part in the quiz "What do you know about sharks?". The winner will receive the book Sharks - History and Biology of the Lords of the Sea by Angelo Mojetta. One of the participants shown an outstanding interest in sharks, therefore we have reward him with special price - a Czech edition of the book "The Jaws of Death: Shark as Predator, Man as Prey" by Xavier Maniguet.

The visitors put into the box for small financial gifts totally 370 CZK. We will forward these money, rounded to 25 USD, to the Shark Savers organization. On behalf of sharks we kindly thank to all donors! Please see also pages of FOREST - Arabia project.

Shark Savers


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