New artefacts for the Wolf stand

We have two brand new artefact which you can see at the Wolf stand, organized in the occasion of the next National Wolf Awareness Week 2013. The first one is the plaster casting of lynx footprint. It was created for us by Jiří Štěrba, the zookeeper from the ZOO Ostrava. The second one, well-preserved skull of a domestic cat, have been found by our vice chaiman during cleaning up of farmsteading attic.


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National Bear Awareness Week 2013

Brown bear, ZOO PlzeňDue to rainy weather we were forced to cancel our event in the Zoo Olomouc, as a part of celebration of the National Bear Awareness Week 2013. Nevertheless, we are currently preparing brand new educational event called National Shark Awareness Week, at which we provide information about marine ecosystems in the Red Sea. Necessary exhibits - shark jaws and teeth - should be delivered to us in next few days. So stay tuned!

National Wolf Awareness Week 2012

Vlk Hudsonův

As usual, we celebrated the National Wolf Awareness Week 2012 also in the Czech Republic. Our event took place from 13th to 14th October 2012 in the ZOO Olomouc. We explained to visitors important role of large carnivores for ecosystems. Nice fall sunny day brought to us crowds of visitors, mainly on Saturday.


The visitors donated us totally 475 CZK. This amount will be transferred to ZOO's account as a sponsorship for breeding Hudson bay wolves. Big thanks to all donators!

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Where is the Wolf?

The mascot of the North Carolina State University

Simple question, but difficult to be answered if we talk about wolf population in the Beskydy mountains. On the other hand, the title of this article is also the name of the popular contest for the students of NC State University. The point of the contest is simple. Leader of the contest takes the picture of the mascot somewhere in the NC State University campus and then the students have to guess exact location within the campus where the photo was taken.

So why this question?


Photo of the mascot: © North Carolina State University

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