National Shark Awareness Week 2023

The National Shark Awareness Week event held at the Svatý Kopeček Zoo near Olomouc is over. We were available at our stand throughout the zoo's opening hours entire weekend. Indeed, many visitors visited our stand, especially on Saturday.

We faced an unprecedented interest from children and their parents. Everything took place in a very friendly and pleasant atmosphere. We had long and interesting conversations with many visitors. We also learned many interesting pieces of information ourselves, such as about the encounter with the hammerhead shark and dugong at the Sataya dolphin reef in the Red Sea, or about the fossilized prehistoric reefs on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia. The summer vacation season is approaching, so we explained to visitors heading to their favorite resorts, among other things, how important is for marine ecosystems even the seemingly abandoned seashell on the beach. We consider the National Shark Awareness Week 2023 to be very successful. We collected a total of 1641 CZK and 0.1 EUR in the donation box for small gifts. This amount, rounded to $90 has been transferred to the PADI project (Shark & Ray Census).




National Wolf Awareness Week 2022

The National Wolf Week in the Olomouc Zoo took place from 1st to 2nd October 2022. Despite the relatively cold and volatile autumn weather, we were very satisfied with the attendance at our stand. A total of CZK 1,198 was collected from generous donors to support the local captive-breeding of Hudson Bay wolves. We would like to thank not only all those interested in our stand, but also the Zoo Olomouc for letting us present our NGO in their premises.

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National Shark Awareness Week 2022

Many thanks to the adult and young visitors who visited our booth in the Olomouc ZOO, opened on the occasion of the World Ocean Day. Especially to those, who have made a small donation to projects and organizations contributing to the protection of marine ecosystems. The donation amount of 620 CZK and 1 EUR, increased to 35 USD, was forwarded to the WildAid Misool Indonesia program.



National Shark Awareness Week 2020

wod logoDespite the declared Covid-19 pandemic and the associated uncertainty about the possibility of holding our National Shark Week 2020, we have finally made it happen. The attendance at our stand, especially on Saturday June 6th, has far exceeded our expectations. The stream of both adult and young visitors of our stand was literally endless throughout the opening hours. Mainly because of the recent loosening of the government's measures against the spread of the above-mentioned disease, but main role played also the new part of our exposition from the West African coast, called Senegal Echoes. The success of the event is also underlined by the record-breaking amount of the donations, a total of 1902 CZK. This amount, rounded to 71.50GBP (including tip), was sent to the Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme (MWSRP) charity.

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