National Wolf Awareness Week 2019

Despite of rainy Saturday we decided not to postpone our National Wolf Week in the Olomouc Zoo, so it took place in originally announced weekend, from 5th to 6th October 2019. As a result of this decision, the attendance at our booth on Saturday was quite low. Nevertheless, we've collected a total of 808 CZK for Hudson Bay wolves in the Olomouc Zoo, which is not so bad considering the weather. Many thanks to all donors on behalf of wolves and the Olomouc Zoo.

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National Shark Awareness Week 2019

wod logoWorld Oceans day and The National Shark Awareness Week - two different events with common topic - marine ecosystems, sharks, coral reefs, and how the inhabitants of the country without their "own" sea can help them. It was our pleasure to talk to the visitors of our stand on these topics during the weekend from 1st to 2nd June 2019. 

The donation from our visitors, 1007 CZK + 0.5 EUR, rounded to 50 USD, was transferred to WildAid organization, namely for conservation of the ecosystems in PECCA (Tanzania). On top of that, the sponsor of WildAid organization has doubled the donation to 100 USD! Many thanks to our donors!

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National Wolf Awareness Week 2018

Another year of the National Wolf Awareness Week took place from 6th to 7th October 2018 in the Olomouc ZOO. The event followed standard scenario, we had many visitors as usual, mostly in Saturday. Total amount of the donations to the breeding of Hudson Bay wolves in the Olomouc Zoo, collected within the weekend, is 1124 CZK. Many thanks to all donors on behalf of wolves and the Olomouc Zoo.