Independent, non-govermnetal organization FOREST – research and protection of wilderness is an interest group of volunteers, who care about nature and enviroment protection.

Foundation members of the FOREST NGO in field     Foundation members of the FOREST NGO in field

Foundation members of the FOREST NGO in field


There are not only real professionals with long-time experience among us, but also people who are more or less beginners at the field of nature conservation. However, there is one common thing which joins all of us - real enthusiasm for our activitiy which is based on

  • real work for nature / landscape conservation
  • support of public regarding their legitimate enviromental requirements
  • support of partner organizations
  • enviromental education and public enlightenment

We do all our activities in our spare time and at our own expense, without any special-purpose grants or subventions. For further information please visit the pages of our projects:

We also participate in the 3rd party project "Monitoring of large carnivores in the Beskydy mountains". In case of questions do not heasitate to contact us.


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