The Wolf stand

The Wolf stand is our educational activity with the longest tradition. It is held directly in ZOO Olomouc in the occasion of both National Wolf Awareness Week and National Bear Awareness Week. We want to make both celebrations popular even in Europe and we believe, that one day they become as popular as the Earth Day did.

At the Wolf stand we provide information about wolves, bears and other endangered and protected species, their important role in ecosystems and their status in Europe and America. We also discuss the importance of protection of wilderness and we offer participation in our Wildlife Monitoring Program to visitors of the zoological garden. Visitors can see replicas of wolf skulls, wolf claws, wolf canine, wild boar skull (wild boar is a frequent wolf prey) and many other animal artifacts. They can also enjoy authentic claw prints of wolf and grizzly bear from Chilkat River, Alaska; magazines Wolf Tracks, International Wolf and many books about wolves, bears, national parks and wilderness areas of Europe and North America.

From year 2013, in occasion of World Oceans Day we also organize another educational event - the National Shark Awareness Week.

And why did we name our stand as The Wolf stand? Because the stand is located just opposite the Hudson Bay wolves who perfectly supplement the atmosphere at our stand.


The Wolf's stand in occasion of National Wolf Awareness Week 2009

The Wolf's stand 2009 - our articafts  The Wolf's stand 2009 - overall view  The Wolf's stand 2009 - our literature