The memorial for all guardians of floodplain forest, Forest district Tvrdonice


The memorial for all guardians of floodplain forest, Forest district Tvrdonice



Rýnava, Forest district Tvrdonice


Our logo, the oak tree on the river bank, symbolize one of our project called FOREST - Au. In German language the word "Au" means flood plains. We have chosen this word because the most interesting flood plains in the Czech Republic are located at the confluence of the Morava river and the Thaya river, right on border with Austria.

Within the project FOREST - Au we participate on protection of lowland forest and non-forest ecosystems, also in cooperation with state authorities and/or with (Austrian) NGOs. Our main activities in this project are direct lobbing, raising remarks against forest management plans, take a part in administrative procedures, propose management plans and do regular monitoring of interesting areas. We also offer educational activities and excursions in this topic for both students and wide public.

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Protection of embankment against damage caused by beavers in Austria

Over the past few years there is a progressive reconstruction of embankments in flood plains of the Morava river in Austria.

Prior to the reconstruction the embankments were very offen disturbed by beaver activity. Digging beaver's dens in the body of embankement disturb its both function and safety. Therefore during the reconstruction of embankments in beaver's biotope special measures are taken to avoid further disturbance of embankments. Next series of the pictures shows the details of such measures.


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