Calling all former volunteers!


We've had a joali good idea


Joali, (c) Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme

Joali, (c) Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme


The 'joali' is a traditional Maldivian swing seat. It's the best place to unwind after a day on the boat. It's also a place to reminisce about all the fabulous experiences we've shared with our volunteers over the years.

We love welcoming back former volunteers. We would love to have you join us on-board Dolphin dhoni again. That's why we're going to offer something pretty special for our extended whale shark family.

How's this for a plan? You form a group of friends, acquaintances or maybe you've volunteered with these people previously with us (MALDIVES REUNION anyone!) or elsewhere and you would love to reconnect with them or introduce them to the wonders of whale sharks and the Maldives. Perhaps you've been loyally liking someones shark pics on insta and just needed a reason to reach out? In return we'll offer you a group discount. A really good group discount.

Why are we doing this? Well, we know you, you know us. We'd like to see you again and who better to spread the word and identify like-minded volunteers? Also we know that financially it's tough to justify a return visit sometimes. Too many new places to visit and we're too remote to do things on the cheap. We get it. However, when we know we can rely on a group showing up together, training and costs can be shared. Allowing us to set a more affordable contribution. Whats more, you've been here before. You know your way around, so there's an option for us to strip things back further by taking a speedboat rather than a plane.

Here's the kicker..! We'll also help you create that group. Maybe you've managed to rope in a friend or two but you you can't quite make a team? We'll be happy to introduce you to people in the same boat. Together you can form a group and if we can work together to hit the magic number of 5 or more volunteers we'll offer you all a sizeable discount. Nice.

Get in touch if you think you have the powers of persuasion needed and we'll work on this together. Oh, and those reading this green with envy because you haven't been out here with us before? Drop us a line it may be that someone is one shark short of a shiver!

Check the dates on our website for the research periods 2019 and 2020. This offer applies to bookings made between now and the end of 2019!

Looking forward to re-sighting you lovely people!

team MWSRP (Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme)