Earth Day 2012 in Předmostí by Přerova

The stand of the FOREST NGO

On 22nd April we organized enlightenment and competitive events as part of celebrations of the Earth Day 2012, in cooperation with the organization PREDMOSTENZIS. The event was held in Předmostí by Přerov (right in the Monument of mammoth hunters) and in Žernová hill.


Visitors of all ages visited our stand in time interval from 10am to 5pm. We have located our stand within area of the Memorial of mammoth hunters, which was also opened that day till 2pm. The location of our stand was chosen intentionally because the main topic of the day was the history of wolf domestication, which had started right in the Předmostí by Přerov 26 thousand years ago. The skulls in front of our stand were not only a good attraction for the visitors, but also a perfect teaching aid for us. The reason is simple - domestication of wolf caused significant morphological changes on its skull therefore we could easily demonstrate them to the public.