National Shark Awareness Week 2014

During the weekend 7th to 8th June 2014 we have organized the second year of the National Shark Awareness Week, in collaboration with the global organization World Oceans Day. National Shark Awarenes Week 2014 was from attendance point of view fully comparable with the previous one. The FOREST was the only organization in the Czech Republic that officially took part in the celebrations of Word Oceans Day. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Olomouc Zoo management for providing place for the event and to the visitors of our stand for their interest in marine life and financial gifts. Unceasing and sometimes exhausting interest of You, visitors of Olomouc Zoo, make us very pleased and fills us with optimism.

The total amount of financial gifts is 364 CZK. This money will be transfered to the Red Sea Sharks organization which directly participate on conservation of marine ecosystems.


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