National Shark Awareness Week 2015

Recent hot, summer-like days were just made for our third year of the National Shark Awareness Week 2015. You could, together with us, at least in your imagination travel to the beautiful coral reefs of the Red Sea as well as for a moment find yourself in the ancient Tertiary sea observing the Megalodon sharks. We believe that those of you who have stopped at our educational stand in the Olomouc Zoo during weekend 6th to 7th June found our collection of exhibits interesting and that you took the findings why it's important to preserve marine ecosystem.

The visitors donated for marine ecosystems support 412 CZK in total. Entire amount will be sent to the project "Dive Against Debris" conducted by the Project AWARE organization. Debris in our oceans is a very serious issue and it kill many marine animals including sea turtles, dolphins and seals.

Many thanks to all donors for their financial support and also many thanks to Olomouc Zoo for organizational support!