Large carnivores in the Alps and Carpathians

Quinault River Geomorphic Report


Large carnivores in the Alps and Carpathians: Living with the wildlife (format .pdf, 1.5MB)



Abstract (articles):

  • Large carnivores and protected areas (M. Vogel)
  • Large carnivores in Carpathian Mountains (O. Ionescu et al.)
  • Large carnivores in the Alps (M. Pavlik)
  • Bear, wolf and lynx - Carnivores and the role of protected areas; a case study carried out in Maramures Mountains Nature Park and Berchtesgaden National Park (M. Künzl et al.)
  • Ecological networks to maintain populations of large carnivores (S. Ondrus & M. Adamec)
  • Management of the brown bear corridor in Upper Posocje, Slovenia - directives and measures (J. Dobravec)
  • Managing brown bears (Ursus arctos arctos) with a view to reducing human-bear incidents (H. Iuncu)
  • Regulation relating to large carnivore populations in Slovakia (M. Kassa)
  • Large carnivores and public awareness campaigns: the role of protected areas (F. Zibordi)
  • Bear conservation in Austria: an ambitious target with implementation problems at local level (G. Rauer)
  • Austria's wolf project - Current situation and future prospects for large alpine carnivores (H. Dungler)