Where is the Wolf?

The mascot of the North Carolina State University

Simple question, but difficult to be answered if we talk about wolf population in the Beskydy mountains. On the other hand, the title of this article is also the name of the popular contest for the students of NC State University. The point of the contest is simple. Leader of the contest takes the picture of the mascot somewhere in the NC State University campus and then the students have to guess exact location within the campus where the photo was taken.

So why this question?


Photo of the mascot: © North Carolina State University


Because it was one of the discussed topic during our seminar in the Prague Institute of NCSU. In May 2012 we were contacted by Larry A. Nielsen, Professor of Natural Resources from NCSU, who offered us participation in a course on conservation of natural resources in Prague. We took this excellent opportunity to tell something about wildlife management in the Czech Republic to foreign students on the one hand, and also gain some knowledge about same matter in North Carolina on the other hand.

The seminar was held on 28th May 2012, nearby famous Old Town Square in Prague. We took a big suitcase of teaching material with us - books, maps, skulls and other stuff, which we usually present in our Wolf's stand.

Wildlife management is very wide topic, one could talk days about it. Despite short duration of the seminar the discussion was rich in various topic, for example wildlife management, forest management, river management, biocorridors, methods for population estimation and many others. During closing part of the seminar the students tried "a lynx perfume", which is actually an attractant based on Valerian herb (Valeriana officinalis). All in all, the seminar was amazing and we want to say a word of thanks to all participants!